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MTA C&D East Side Access - 270 Park Avenue PMC


MTAC&D’s East Side Access (ESA) is an $11 billion rail infrastructure project to extend Long Island Rail Road service to Midtown East in Manhattan within and below the existing Grand Central Station. The project includes new tracks, rail tunnels, and platforms connecting LIRR tracks from Queens to Grand Central, and new passenger concourse stories below the existing Grand Central concourse.

GMA Engineering is providing design management services for the integration of the JP Morgan Chase New World Headquarters Building into the MTA East Side Access Facilities. GMA is acting as owner's representation to the MTA.

DBE Certifications

NYSDOT Van Wyck Expressway Expansion - Contract 2

NYSDOT’s Van Wyck Expressway Contract 2 project prepares adjacent structures and utilities to accommodate a future widening to the Van Wyck Expressway (VWE). The project replaces existing retaining walls which frame the VWE, replaces and retrofits existing LIRR bridges and a road bridge which cross the VWE, and relocates and replaces utilities on both the VWE and its service roads.

GMA Engineering provided Engineering Support Services to the Design-Builder for the project’s Retaining Walls, and for the LIRR  bridges’ steel walkways and utility supports. GMA Engineering also provided Engineering Services During Construction.

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MTA C&D Penn. Station Access


MTA’S Penn Station Access project constructs new stations, track, interlockings, and replaces and retrofits 4 bridges. This project provides Metro North Riders with additional service and terminal in Pennsylvania Station through connection to the Harold Interlocking constructed under MTA’s East Side Access, and improved conditions along existing routes for both Metro North and Amtrak.

GMA Engineering worked as extension of staff to provide structural engineering design services, 3D modeling in Bentley’s Open Bridge, and CAD services for contractual design deliverables related to the project’s bridges. GMA worked with interdisciplinary team members for coordination of the bridge designs with track, civil, and utility designers. GMA Engineering also provided Engineering Services During Construction.

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MTA C&D East Side Access - Harold Regional Investment PMC


MTA’s Harold Regional Investments Project consists of repackaging remaining Amtrak related elements of the East Side Access Project for construction. The project is located in Harold Interlocking in Long Island City, Queens, which is the busiest interlocking in the United States, serving Amtrak, LIRR, NJ Transit, and soon Metro North. The scope of the PMC Contract is to contract design engineers, develop the design-build and design-bid-build RFPs, manage their procurements, and provide CM services through construction.

GMA Engineering is one of MTAC&D’s owners’ representatives, providing package management and design liaison services for the procurement of two RFPs (design-build and design-bid-build).

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